Saturday, January 29, 2011


Friday, January 28th,
Today my partner Eric and I were split up to join with the two other  teams currently working out of Mbarara as Eric and I had no SACCO to visit due to our late literary change.  Eric joined with Mike and Janice and I went with Robin and Rene to visit the EBO SACCO.
It was a short drive, (30mins or so) to the SACCO and the first thing that I noticed was how modern the SACCO was compared to others that we had visited.  They had a modern looking storefront with a nice sign, glass windows and modern offices and computer system.
We met with the Manager Mugume Joseph and quickly learned that EBO was one of the more advanced and progressive SACCO’s in Mbarara.  This SACCO was visited by a Coaching team last year, so our visit was simply to follow up and see how they were making out.  Everything appeared to be on track as recommended in the report which was excellent.
The Manager wanted to take us up to one of their outlying branches to meet the staff there as well.  This is a much smaller branch with a small number of staff and about 500 members.  They have only been open for a year or so, so the progress is still quite good. 
For lunch we stopped along the side of the road and had a tasty dinner of chicken and rice.  It was good, even though we were all nervous about eating at a local diner!
This afternoon we will make our way to the Queen Elizabeth National Park for a stay at the Myweya Safari Lodge.  It is supposed to be an amazing retreat lodge.  Looking forward to getting there!