Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mweye National Park

Myweya Safari Lodge
WOW!!! Words cannot describe the Safari Lodge…it is opulent to say the least.  To get here we drove a couple of hours South West from Mbarara through the Savannah and done a long dusty gravel road to the Channel between Lake George and Lake Edward.  The place is literally an oasis in the middle of the desert.!! 
This morning we took an early morning safari into the jungle to hopefully see wildlife.  This is not a game sanctuary, or fenced in park…just the natural African jungle.  We saw Water Buffalo, African Deer, Antelope, Elephants and even a pack of lions!!!  Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to see the animals in their natural habitat.  There was wildlife everywhere…a once in a life time experience.
This afternoon we took a 2 hour boat cruise around Lake Edward to again see more wildlife in their natural habitat.  We again saw elephants, water buffalo, hippos, musk ox, antelope, deer, birds and even a crocodile!!  The highlight was definitely the elephants and crocodile….second best was the baby hippos and baby elephants!!!  We also past a small native fishing village that is permitted to live here as they had their village before the lake was made into a National Park.  Their fishing boats were lined up all along the shore…it was very cool to see.
Again, neither words of pictures can do justice to what we saw today!!  I hope that if you every have an opportunity to travel to this part of the country that you take every opportunity.  It is amazing.
Tomorrow is Sunday and head back to our respective towns and SACCO’s to work with on Monday.  We are approximately half way through our time in Uganda…it has been a wonderful experience and it will also be good to be back with our family…I miss them.


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