Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday in Uganda

Today was a travel day for all teams.  We left the Mweye Safari Lodge late this morning and all three teams ventured out into a new direction for the coming week.

For Eric and I that meant travelling back to our home base in Masaka.  This was about a 4.5 hour non-stop trip through the South Western part of the Country.  We arrived at our hotel without incident and tomorrow we will begin our final week of Management Coaching.

We will be visiting the Kagamba SACCO in the very Southern tip of Uganda for the next three days before returning to Kampala for de-brief meetings on Friday.  It is about a 75 minute trip each way...about half on pavement and the rest on single lane dirt roads.  According to our driver the road will take us either very close to the Tanzanian border, or possibly cross over a various times as the road winds through the country side.

The Kagamba SACCO has 6 staff and one teller wicket.  The currently serve 794 members  of which 190 are female, 504 are men and 100 are group memberships.  Their total assets under management are 55,813,439 Shillings or roughly $25,000 US.  So not a real large SACCO.  According to the FS that we recieved, loan deliquency has been a significant concern in the past.  Hopefully we are able to provide some assistance in lowering their delinquency and improving their overall growth as a SACCO.

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